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I talked in my previous post how keeping a journal can help you practice writing. But what can we do to improve reading practice?

You know how important reading is for learning anything, especially for learning languages. But when you’re just starting to learn a language, reading normal books can be tiring, frustrating and demotivating.

Fortunately, there are resources that make reading easier. Today we’ll talk about an often overlooked one: graded readers.

What are graded readers?

Graded readers are generally famous, popular books that are simplified for different levels of difficulty.

What difficulty levels do they have?

They’re usually ranked from 1-6. 1 is the easiest, elementary level, while 6 is the hardest, being advanced level.

Graded readers are interesting

Like superheroes? Check out Batman Begins. Love mystery? Try Sherlock Holmes. There’s something for everyone. You’ll be more motivated to read if you read things you like.

Graded readers are easier

Things like idioms, phrasal verbs, advanced verb tenses, etc, can give you a real headache while reading normal books. Graded readers let you concentrate on things you’ve recently learned and actually practice using applying them to understanding an interesting story. Since they don’t have the advance language you haven’t learned yet, you can enjoy the reading a lot more.

Where to find them?

Amazon has a large variety to choose from. Their Kindle versions are pretty cheap. You can also find them in lots of languages!

Free ones are harder to find, but there’s a good amount available at english-e-books.net.

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